I am Saul Rubin, media studies professor at Santa Monica College and head of the school’s journalism program. In May, 2015, I was selected to be a Back in the Newsroom Fellow, a program sponsored by the International Center for Journalists. The fellowship places journalism educators into major newsrooms around the country for nine weeks so that they can study cutting-edge practices of digital newsrooms and bring those techniques back to the classroom. Another goal is is to foster opportunities for students to get internships and ultimately jobs in newsrooms to increase diversity in America’s media companies.

I will be placed in the Los Angles Times beginning June 1 through the end of July. I started this blog to chronicle this experience and to share it with others.

Saul Rubin

Saul Rubin

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Congrats Saul! Just getting caught up now on other people’s lives. So excited to see what you are doing and to read your blog!


  2. I love this! I just read a few of your blog entries and my gosh, I am so impressed with you, what you’re learning, and how excited you are about bringing these lessons back to your students at SMC. They are so lucky!


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